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Traditional Astrologer Magazine: Issue 1

Traditional Astrologer Magazine issue 1
Published: June 1993


Editorial Deborah Houlding 2 
The Life & Work of Claudius Ptolemaeus Deborah Houlding 3Web adaption
Strength & Relationship of the Planets Deborah Houlding 6Web adaption
An Introduction to Decumbiture Dylan Warren-Davis 9Web adaption
William Lilly's War Charts David Plant 13Web adaption
Attention all shipping! Deborah Houlding 16Web adaption
Aphorisms for Travel at Sea William Lilly 18Web adaption
The Safety of a Ship at Sea Palchus 19Web adaption
The Disaster of the Braer Cynthea Tasker 20Web adaption
An Astrological Warning of Trouble at Sea Dennis Elwell 21Web adaption
Reviews D. Plant & D. Houlding 23 
A History of Metals & Planets Barbara Reimann 24 
The Art of Horary S. Ward & C. Wiggers 26 
Will he accept my offer? June Cuthbert 29 
Glossary of Traditional Terms S. Ward & C. Wiggers 30 
Introduction to 'Directions & Directing' Mike Edwards 32 
'Directions & Directing' H.S Green 35 

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Banner image shows an adaption from Firmamentum Sobiescianum sive Uranographia by the astronomer Johannes Hevelius, 1690 (source: Wikimedia)