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Traditional Astrologer Magazine: Issue 9

Traditional Astrologer Magazine issue 9
Published: Summer 1995


Editorial Deborah Houlding 2 
Your Letters 3 
An Introduction to Decumbiture Dylan Warren-Davies 7Web adaption
The Ninth Sphere Deborah Houlding 11 
Johannes Kepler David Plant 14Web adaption
The Fall of Oscar Wilde Wanda Sellar 20 
The Planetary Parts David McCann 22Web adaption
Fortune, Spirit & Lunation Cycles David Plant 26Web adaption
Ancient Timekeeping Helen Best 28 
The Art of Horary: Fugitives Deborah Houlding 30 
Dictionary of Terms David McCann 35 
Astrology Course Reviews 36 
Dorotheus Book II Intro. by David McCann 38 
Dorotheus: Working Examples David McCann 43 

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Banner image shows an adaption from Firmamentum Sobiescianum sive Uranographia by the astronomer Johannes Hevelius, 1690 (source: Wikimedia)